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Boost Building of Hydrogen Energy Industrial Chain in Yantai

Release time:2022-01-21 author: CIECCPA source:CIECCPA
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Recently, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area (YEDA) Administrative Committee signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation online and offline with China Shipbuilding Power Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. (CSPI) and Shandong Datang Century.
CSPI takes this signing ceremony as an opportunity. It will fully leverage its own advantages to strengthen cooperation among the three sides. To pursue long-term development, CSPI is slated to advance the research, development and application of marine equipment, including hydrogen energy equipment, facilitate the building of a hydrogen energy industrial chain in Yantai, and help China's hydrogen energy development in the field of marine equipment to lead the world. Datang Century will join hands with CSPI to make plans for the implementation of related projects and introduce more high-quality resources, so as to empower the industrial development of YEDA. For a certain period in future, Datang Century will take Yantai as the primary city for the group's development, with YEDA at the center. It will gather more quality industries and sci-tech achievements in the city with a view to making more contributions to the city's economic development.
As the area contributing most to Yantai's economic growth, YEDA has always attached great importance to the layout and development of such strategic new industries as marine economy and newenergy and listed their industrial clusters as key and special ones. YEDA has set up Bajiao Bay Marine Economic Innovation Zone with high standards and introduced high-end marine sci-tech innovation platforms like the Graduate School of Harbin Engineering University and China-Russia Marine Science and Technology Innovation Center. Besides, a group of major projects have been implemented in YEDA, including the installation of 100 far-reaching intelligent network boxes in the ranch and the development of"Lankun" marine equipment.